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Nice to meet you

We’re Hardware—a sustainable gastropub & brewery serving delicious food and over 400 whiskeys


At Hardware & BBGB, we’re looking to change the way people think about eating local.
We’re striving to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum through growing our own produce and by using reclaimed building materials for design elements. There are four ways that we make our restaurant a unique local dining experience:
  • 1
    We grow produce year-round in our greenhouse. Our goal is to be fully self-sufficient for lettuce and herbs.
  • 2
    We grow fruits and nuts in our micro orchard and gardens throughout our property.
  • 3
    Our 1.5-acre hop farm provides one of the base ingredients for all of our beer. In addition to our BBGB brews, we offer over 400 whiskeys from around the world.
  • 4
    We use a 250-foot well into an underground aquifer to supply all of our water for production in our brewery and irrigation. Also, we reclaim all roof water for irrigation in our green house and patio garden.

About Us

With over 400 whiskeys from around the world, Hardware’s specialty is definitely brown liquor. We have custom Hardware blends, rare finds, and distillers’ private selections. Enjoy your brown straight up, in a prohibition-era cocktail, or try one of our signature crafted cocktails by our mixologist Brad Schwichtenberg.   Whiskey not your cup of tea?  We offer our own BBGB brews, along with many other local beer options as well as a full list of organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable wines.
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Kristopher Gillis - Managing Partner

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AlyseMarie Warren - Executive Chef
Chef AlyseMarie has been cooking since she was seven years old. It began with humble family dinners until 2004 when she enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Kendall College in Chicago, IL. After graduating in 2006 she gained experience at several Chicago culinary gems before joining the Gastronomy Group in 2008 as a Sous Chef at The Turf Room. In 2012 she became the Executive Chef at The Saddle Room and has truly elevated the level of cuisine available in the Western Suburbs. Now, under her wisdom & guidance she will embark on a culinary journey at Hardware Gastropub - Please join her! "The secret ingredient is always love."
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Bob Salzman - Brewmaster
In the early 1990s, before Bob was old enough to buy beer, he started home brewing it in his mother's kitchen. His constant passion to brew a better pint drove him to continually expand his brewing skills and education. He was officially certified as a beer judge in 2007, and began working professionally in breweries in 2013. Still driven to brew an ever better pint, Bob became head brewer at Hardware in early 2018, with plans for a rotating variety of his best beers ever.
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BBGB Brewery & Hop Farm
Our Hop Farm will support our brewery with 80% of hops used in our five mainstay beers. We have 1270 plants and several different strains of hops. Our soil was amended with plant only compost and sand, and we will classify as organic soon. We also use our spent grain to create dinner rolls & pizza dough for our restaurant group as well as dog treats just because we can!


Monday: CLOSED Tuesday: 11:30 am-10pm Wednesday: 11:30 am-10pm Thursday: 11:30 am-10pm Friday: 11:30 am-12am Saturday: 11:30 am-12am Sunday: 11am-9pm


Valentine’s Day
Wednesday, February 14 • 11:30 AM
Join us for Valentine's Day on Wednesday,  February 14th  11:30am - 10 pm. We will be running our Dinner Menu all day, Dinner seating at 3:00, 3:30, 5:00, 5:30, & 7:00, 7:30, 9:00, 9:30. Please call for Reservations 630.299.3977
Upcoming Events

To book your special event, please email us at eventshardwaregastro@gmail.com or call 630.299.3977.

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